Lose Weight In 2 Weeks – Ideas, Tips, And Diet Plans For Women

female weight loss motivationIf you could lose weight in 2 weeks and reach your weight loss goals, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to get that result? Many women would. That being said, it’s actually much easier than you think to find weight loss that works – meaning you lose the weight, and then keep it off in the long term. There are specific foods for women that you should be eating in order to lose weight and get to a place where you feel healthy. Additionally, some exercises work better than others. Learn the best exercise to do to take that weight off and keep it off, and other exercises that work to tighten up the problem areas that women struggle with most.

The Best Food For Weight Loss For Women

There is no magic cure or miraculous weight loss product that can do all the work for you. But, there are a variety of super foods that pack a considerable punch in order to get your body to a place where you want to take pictures to show off your new figure. According to Self.com and Health.com, these include:

  • Apples – Has powerful antioxidants and can prevent weight gain
  • Kale – Has lots of iron, calcium, and fiber
  • Oats – Rich in fiber, and can keep you feeling full the whole day
  • Lentils – Can prevent insulin spikes that would otherwise cause your body to create excess fat
  • Goji Berries – Low calorie, and high in amino acids
  • Wild Salmon – A healthy, lean source of protein (and women need protein)
  • Buckwheat Pasta – High in fiber, and contains protein
  • Blueberries – Low calorie, with possible anti-aging effects
  • Almond Butter – Lowers the glycemic index of bread, which makes it healthier
  • Pomegranates – Contains folate and many healthy anti-oxidants
  • Chiles – Speeds up your metabolism for faster fat burning
  • Yogurt – Can slow down hunger while maintaining your blood sugar levels
  • Quinoa – Takes care of hunger with a balance of protein and carbs
  • Avocado – Has healthy fats that trigger your body to quiet hunger
  • Broccoli – Its fiber can prevent weight problems

While female supplements are increasing in popularity, you can’t go wrong with adding these powerful and delicious super foods into your new diet plans to achieve easy and fast weight loss. It is very easy to incorporate these foods into healthy meals that have a high health impact and keep your taste buds happy along the way.

A Workout and Exercise Plan For Women

The female body operates differently from the male body, both with diet and with exercise. As such, it’s important to do exercises that are designed with women in mind, rather than for men. Think about the goals and intentions that you have when you work out.

Are they to get huge biceps, big pecs, and massive quadriceps? Probably not. Those are intentions that many men have when they work out, whether they want to look like a movie hero or that one huge guy at the gym. But women have different goals…

For example, you probably want to slim down in the waist. You probably want to remove jiggly fat from your hips and thighs. And you probably want to tighten up your butt. As you can see, women need a totally different exercise system from men.

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Let’s take a deeper look at workout ideas that can help women achieve their goals. One tip is to exercise in groups, with friends. While many men like to exercise alone, women often enjoy more communal activities. Join a gym with your friends, and then commit to working out at the same time. You can push your friends to greater heights in their exercise, and your friends can do the same for you, pushing you to your personal best.

Work On Your Mid-Section

If you want to work on slimming down your mid-section, then these exercises can be helpful. Working with an exercise ball can help strengthen your core, which can tighten the muscles around the belly. You might not want to do crunches, but they will help with slimming the waist. The key is to mix up your movement to keep the crunches interesting and to activate new muscles. Leg raises can help strengthen your stomach, but they also have other benefits. Leg raises can also strengthen your thighs and butt, two of the most major problem areas for women. The plank is another great exercise for strengthening the stomach. It’s not the most pleasant, but it is effective.

Tightening The Thighs And Butt

For many women, tightening the thighs and butt is a mission that’s hard to accomplish. Here’s how you can get it done. This article has already mentioned squats, so no need to reinvent the wheel. Additionally, you will benefit from leg lunges. This targets both the thighs and butt, so this is a high-leverage exercise. Step-ups are also effective for these problem regions. Other exercises include adding a jump to the end of your lunge or squat, and skipping up and down.

No matter what your fitness goals, as a woman you need to take action to ensure that your body is in top shape. The two core elements in accomplishing this is a healthy diet, and moderate exercise. You should now know what foods are especially healthy – and that you should add to your diet now for rapid weight loss. On the other hand, you now have a list of exercises that are good for women that want to handle those problem areas once and for all.

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